Types Of Client Organizations
Customers meet PRIVATE SECTOR. Friedland Associates work with a wide variety of clients in the private sector, including Fortune 500 and smaller firms in the manufacturing, aerospace, banking, insurance, food service and retail sectors. Our projects include development of hiring and promotion procedures, evaluating work processes, investigation of workplace literacy, and working to address absenteeism, turnover and other workplace issues.

PUBLIC SECTOR. We work with many government clients at the city, county, state and federal level to develop employee hiring and promotion systems and to do research to identify competencies required for successful job performance. We have extensive experience in dealing with the requirements of EEO compliance agencies in developing and ensuring valid and non-discriminatory hiring and promotion procedures.

PRIVATE LAW FIRMS AND CORPORATE COUNSEL We work with many private law firms as well as corporate and government legal departments, assisting them as litigation consultants in cases involving various types of charges of employment discrimination, including race, national origin, gender, age, disability, and wrongful termination. We apply our expertise in job analysis, research methods and statistics in evaluating work place issues including wage and hour disputes.

Selection Process Development
Litigation Support
Job/Competency Analysis
Organizational Effectiveness


Private Sector
Public Sector
Private Law Firms and Corporate Counsel





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