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A Consultation Selection Process Development We will work with your organization to develop valid and non-discriminatory hiring and promotion procedures. We specialize in paper and pencil tests as well as behavioral interviews, assessment centers, task simulations, and various types of non-cognitive assessment procedures.

Litigation Support We will work with your organization to ensure that your hiring and promotion procedures comply with federal and state non-discrimination requirements. We work with your legal counsel to assist them with expert services in the event of litigation involving charges of employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, or litigation concerning personnel procedures.

Job/Competency Analysis We assist you by conducting analyses to identify the competencies, knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for job performance. This information is essential for development of hiring and promotion procedures and training programs. It is also needed to develop job descriptions and to identify essential job functions in compliance with the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Organizational Effectiveness All organizations have access to the same technology. The competitive edge comes from the people in the organization and the way in which they work together to achieve organizational goals. We assist your company to maintain this competitive edge by providing organizational consulting services including: coaching, conflict resolution, team-building, and in serving as a catalyst in managing the challenges that accompany organizational change.


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Organizational Effectiveness


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